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what we do ...and why

We work with London primary state schools, organising inspirational days out for children who are lving in impoversihed areas.

When kids grow up poor they miss out – and so do the rest of us. They miss out on the things most children take for granted: warm clothes, school trips, having friends over for tea. They do less well at school and earn less as adults.

“I can remember my first trip to the seaside like it was yesterday, I was was then when I knew I wanted to be near the sea.”  Davey, Marine Biologist

The number of children growing up in poverty in working households is set to be 1 million (+50%) higher this year than in 2010, according to new TUC research published in 2018.

The analysis – carried out for the TUC by Landman Economics – estimates that 3.1 million children with working parents will be below the official breadline in 2018, compared to 2.1 million at the start of the decade.

We believe all children deserve days out, that will inspire and build confidence in their young lives.

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